earthTV Hospitality Solution to present Hotel views online

Trusted by independent and chain hotels all over the world

How earthTV Hospitality Solution can stimulate your hotel’s direct bookings

earthTV offers to increase your hotel brand awareness among the online audience worldwide with means of an outdoor camera and livestream marketing services.

Get published and reach millions of viewers on earthTV Channels

YouTube – 252.000 subscribers
Facebook – 148.000 subscribers – 300.000 visits/month

How It Works

Step 1: Select Your Camera Plan

Choose your camera with no technical expertise needed from your side. We provide you with all the information and support you need to make the right choice for your location.

Step 2: Select Your Marketing Plan

Choose your Marketing Service Plan designed to accelerate your SEO, increase your website traffic and drive your direct bookings through production and publishing of camera content.

Step 3: Get your equipment delivered and installed

All the hardware will be delivered to you and installed either by your team or by our authorised partner ensuring all the safety protocols.

Step 4: Get the Marketing Service implemented

When the camera is connected, give us 1 day to start the long term marketing campaign. Get a report on the services ordered.

Step 5: earthTV Global Support

Use our central global support platform for all the inquiries that may occur during the cooperation process.

From Pixels to Bookings: Your Hotel’s Success with earthTV

  • Reach millions of viewers on earthTV channels

Get the most out of our target audience consisting of  travel lovers looking for the most actual up-to-date destination information.

YouTube – 252.000 subscribers
Facebook – 148.000 subscribers – 300.000 visits/month

  • Accelerate SEO

Increase the time users spend on your website by integrating the livestream player – this one of the most important metrics for SEO that Google takes into consideration.

  • Drive Direct Bookings

We encourage thousands of viewers on our channels to visit your website for further bookings.

  • Promote special offers

We are ready to announce your special offers and campaigns by integrating your display ads and video pre-rolls on earthTV Landing Pages.

  • Stream to Social Media

Stream directly to your Social Media to let your constant audience experience your hotel’s surroundings again and again.

Echoes of Satisfaction: Some of Our Clients

Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel Dresden

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix Geneva

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel

The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Getting started with your own earthTV Hospitality Solution

1. Select Your Camera Plan


1920x1080px, 25/30fps

32x optical zoom

Designed to be the best live pan-tilt-zoom outdoor camera solution to provide the highest possible quality for marketing and security purposes.


3840x2160px, 25/30fps

4x optical zoom

A powerful, ultra-high light-sensitive 4/3″ image sensor that offers 10 MP resolution and great performance in all lighting conditions.


1920x1080px, 60fps

2.6x optical zoom

A cost-effective camera that delivers superb image quality and forensic detail in 2 MP at up to 60 frames per second.

2. Select Your Marketing Services Plan


  • Live stream and weather clips production and distribution through earthTV® Web Players
  • Showcase in the round-the-clock earthTV YouTube Show and in Special Event shows
  • Landing page on in 5 languages
  • Social media live streaming service
  • Dedicated promotional posts with Backlinks to welcome the location on earthTV channels


  • All BASIC Plan features
  • Access to earthTV® Platform (content management system in the cloud)
  • Video clip recording & video storage for 7 days
  • Time-lapse Production Daily – 60 sec./day
  • Exclusive production of your own “What a Week!” Program featuring recordings from the past week – 180 sec./week.


  • All STANDARD Plan features
  • Creative camera monitoring service and best-of clip selection
  • Themed earthTV® Web Player with Best-of Clips
  • Content integration in guest room entertainment system
  • Dedicated Support Desk and Priority Support

Want to dig deeper and learn more about our camera and marketing services?

Get the full overview of the earthTV Hospitality Solution and let us explain it to you in details.