earthTV® camera set-up

earthTV® camera set-up

Location scouting and preparation

  • 2 days of location scouting within one city or property by an experienced earthTV Project Manager or Camera Engineer. During the scouting, detailed location fact sheets will be produced, not only analyzing the best camera view but also determining the technical preparations for camera installation and including a report on all security and environmental criteria.

  • 0.5 days of location preparations after the decision for the final location by an earthTV® Camera Engineer. Location preparations include the installation of different camera towers or tables, safety buildings, server boxes, cable ducts, or installations for connectivity.

Camera installation and activation

  • 1 day of camera installation and activation by one of our Camera Engineers on-site, as well as camera testing and activation by a Camera Editor remotely.

  • 2 days of remote camera programming by an experienced Senior Camera Editor. During this process, not only are the camera settings for day, night, and seasonal climate settings programmed into the camera, but also multiple camera trajectories are installed to guarantee the best camera content value over long periods of time, as well as to exclude any restricted areas in the camera view.