earthTV®, a brand of earthTV network GmbH, is the producer and distributor of all earthTV® Programs and is the owner of the exclusive earthTV® camera network.

The earthTV® brand was established as a worldwide b2b2c brand, dedicated to reliable content quality and delivery to the professional publisher and broadcaster industry (b2b) while having a positive consumer appeal beyond all geographical borders and languages. earthTV® is non political and non religious, standing for an open and connected world, showing how the world really is.

Over the past months earthTV® delivered programs in 10 different languages and earthTV® content was watched in 126 different countries on a regular basis.

All technology services behind earthTV® including the operations of the international earthTV® camera network is provided by ETN (Earth Television Network), another brand of is earthTV network GmbH.

The earthTV® HQ in Berlin/Germany.

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