All earthTV® content available online

earthTV® offers all content online and opens its business model to publishers

Cologne/Berlin, September 16, 2015 – Right on time for dmexco, the digital marketing industry’s largest trade fair, earthTV® is not only presenting a new embeddable online player but is also opening the business model for publishers.
earthTV’s livestream and video clip content from all around the world is primarily targeted to news, weather and travel portals.

If a publisher does not operate its own video or advertising system, the online player from earthTV® offers both in one go. The earthTV® Player, which can be integrated anywhere on a website, automatically plays TV-quality images in a wide range of formats. Livestreams, weather clips (including forecasts), Best Ofs and time-lapses do not only have to be viewed with individual cameras; it is possible to combine a whole camera network according to the sustainably successful “The World Live” TV format, and to optionally supplement the images with appropriate commercials.

Full TV quality with copy & paste

The earthTV® Player can be integrated into any website as HTML5 or Flash version using
a code, or alternatively as a full-page iFrame. All
versions support a navigator for delivering access to all earthTV® camera locations worldwide, providing live images round the clock. The images are
shot with earthTV‘s proprietary moving cameras and are always delivered as high-quality livestreams or full TV- quality video clips. The videos can be displayed with a text overlay available in several languages, in which it is possible to integrate additional information about each image, such as location information, time and current weather data.

Content? Player? Advertising system? earthTV® has everything publishers need

The technical foundation of the new online player is the Flowplayer 6. It is fully
HTML5 compatible, fully responsive and supports the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol and HTTP Dynamic Streaming, as well as other streaming options, making it the optimal choice for all browsers and terminal devices. Alternatively, a Flash version is still available. The earthTV® Player offers unlimited access to the entire earthTV® cloud. This allows users of the integrated player to not only select certain camera locations displaying live images, but to view any channel (e.g. Best Of, time-lapses, weather clips, etc.) with either specific cameras or a combination of all cameras.

Free moving image content and additional advertising revenue

earthTV® is also presenting a new, additional revenue source for wide-coverage
publishers. Portals and online media that integrate the online player into their websites will also participate in future advertising revenues. “What we offer will primarily benefit wide- coverage websites from the fields of travel, weather and events, but also news portals,” says Nikolaus Lohmann. “This is regardless of whether they have a global, national or regional focus. Ultimately they are free to choose which camera streams and clips they would like to integrate into their websites.” Publishers have the option to either integrate the new earthTV® Player into their own websites or have earthTV® set up a separate partner partner website.

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