operates the website with the same name (, the professional camera platform earthTV® Live Cloud and several earthTV® web applications including the earthTV online player.

Upon request of friends and fans from all around the world, since 2004 earthTV network GmbH offers with a free glimpse into the camera network and its places around the world – it includes new camera live streams and old camera recordings.

In 2017 introduced selected cameras of other ETN clients with their most relevant cameras on and in order to receive feedback from viewers around the globe where cameras could be included to earthTV programs in the future.

On public website only a few cameras can be made available in online quality and in short length. On the professional earthTV® Live Cloud all cameras are available for professional licensees in full broadcast quality and several video formats and delivery options including CDN.

To this day the public version of is a non profit project, the content distribution on is sponsored by online advertising.

The HQ is in Berlin/Germany.

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