earthTV® Cameras

earthTV® includes on a daily basis  at least 120 different perspectives (viewing directions/trajectories) from at least 20 top cities (up to 600 perspectives from 100 cities) from all around the world to the Program license.

The selection of cities and views are made by earthTV® in real-time according to hundreds of criteria to guarantee the best possible quality and most reliable delivery of the program. This said, the licensee does not have control over the cameras and camera selection in any standard earthTV® Program license.

If the licensee wishes to tailor any additional or other city and view to the earthTV® Program this is possible by upgrading the standard license to a customized earthTV® Program license. For customized Programs, earthTV® provides earthTV® Cameras to the licensee on lease for installation and operation to the licensee location/studios during the license term, or install and operate cameras anywhere in the world as full service for the licensee.

In addition to receiving the rights to use any and all content generated by the tailored earthTV® Camera, the licensee also receives the right to control the automated camera movements and receive the rights to switch the camera at specified times of the day to manual mode (for instance to fix the camera to a specific perspective).

Also the licensee of customized earthTV® Programs with tailored cameras can get access to the direct output of the camera in parallel to the streaming of the camera via the earthTV® Live Cloud.

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